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A B O U T  U S

Inspired by today's youth and freedom of expression, VOICE clothing typifies the laid back style of the Sunshine Coast Queensland. The design team, fed up with corporate clothing clones focus heavily on creating threads that are not only unique but are produced in very limited quantities. You can wear VOICE clothing knowing that your individual choice won't be mirrored by thousands or even hundreds across the country with some lines as small as 12 pieces.

Our resource team search exotic locations for exclusive small run fabric so we can avoid mass markets while the design team look no further than the depths of their creative minds for inspiration.

The opening of VOICE clothing's online store creates access to our constantly building range of threads at real prices not enhanced by greed and money hungry share holders. This product is not available in traditional retail outlets but individuality does come at a price and that is lack of quantity. Please don't be disappointed if stock of your selected style becomes unavailable as new styles arrive weekly and the product will constantly be evolving.

We will be using social media to give you the opportunity to join us and be involved in designing your own future identity so stay tuned on our Facebook site for the future direction of youth clothing in this country...