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Nut Hutz | Black

This underwear is everyone’s best mate. Supportive, comforting and cool. A high end quality underwear with super smooth comfort stretch waist band and stretch cotton fabric. Reversible print for those unexpected emergencies. Australia's finest accommodation.
The Nut Hutz were thoughtfully built and crafted together over a year long period, making them the comfiest and most durable pair of undies around. All are manufactured from quality combed Cotton and spandex giving it that soft on skin touch with a bit of stretch for those with variable package sizes. To help make the size guide as easy as possible for our customers we have based them off the standard Australian TRUNK style underwear, meaning if you're a Large in Bonds etc. then you will be a Large with ours. However unlike other various undies, ours are reversible, which means both the fabric and printed waist band are reversible, so it is the individuals choice on how much use they'd like to get out of them before hitting the wash.

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